This is a fan blog dedicated to Jenna Marie Massoli, better known as Jenna Jameson: Queen of Porn. All images and videos are *mostly* from before Jenna's "retirement" from porn. I probably won't post anything from after that, unless it really perks my interest or it's news worthy. This is for who Jenna was, at her prime.

DISCLAIMER: I am not nor have I ever claimed to be Jenna.

Jenna can be found on Twitter; @jennajameson

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Will we see a up date with new stuff just a question Thank you for your time. 

I’ll post some stuff in a little bit.

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Just ask do you no a good site to look for hardcore pic of Jenna? Do you have hardcore set from Janine loves Jenna movie l beg looking all over the net for pic of this movie. 

Ask jennajamesonfans. I have nothing on this computer.

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I See Some One Ask About Race Car Set Hope Post It Up At pictures mrstiff C O M 

Like I’ve stated before, I don’t have access to all the photo shoots I used to have anymore. I hope to have my files back soon.

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What Up, Just Want To None Is This Fan Blog Dead Or You Up Date With News Jenna Stuff 2014 Thank You. I Wish Jenna Come Back To Porn Soon Thank Happy New Year. 

It’s on hiatus temporarily. There’s not much new news on Jenna. She’s been having a lot of drama with Tito. She has a new boyfriend who looks like he’s 20 years younger than her. She gets a new tattoo every week. She came out with an erotic novel called Sugar a few months ago. Oh and she’s got a flesh light out now, which she has promotional pictures for, fully nude. So, I guess that’s kind of like being back in porn? She also was master of ceremonies at the 2014 Xbiz Awards. That good enough of an update for you?

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Do you have set Jenna fucking race car driver thanks 

I don’t have any of my pictures anymore. I lost them all years ago when my computer crashed. That’s why I never post unless I’m reblogging something, sorry.

I just found out Jenna’s going to be in my city next week. 

I could fucking die. I need to find money to go. I’ve NEVER got to meet her!! Damn it!!!!

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Could you post more pics of Jenna Jameson? I love your blog ♥♥♥♥ fucking awesome 

I’m soooo sorry, I’ve been very neglectful. My life has been nothing short of insane. I promise to update soon. :\

Do you like tanning? 

Me? Definitely not. I love being pale.

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/25(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/tumblr_lh59aafZRI1qe4uq5o1_500(.)jpg how old was Jenna Jameson here? 

That movie was made in 2002 or 2003, so about 27 or 28?

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