This is a fan blog dedicated to Jenna Marie Massoli, better known as Jenna Jameson: Queen of Porn. All images and videos are *mostly* from before Jenna's "retirement" from porn. I probably won't post anything from after that, unless it really perks my interest or it's news worthy. This is for who Jenna was, at her prime.

DISCLAIMER: I am not nor have I ever claimed to be Jenna.

Jenna can be found on Twitter; @jennajameson

Insider: Porn Star Jenna Jameson Planned Acid Attack On Woman 


Insider: Porn Star Jenna Jameson Planned Acid Attack On Woman

Jenna Jameson

Porn star Jenna Jameson planned to attack a woman with acid, according to her former assistant.

Britney Markham, Jameson’s former personal assistant, claims thatJameson “asked if I knew anyone that had acid” so that she could throw it in the face of UFC ring girl Amber Miller, who was dating Jameson’s ex-husband. He is UFC fighter Tito Ortiz, and he recently won a custody battle with Jameson…

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Please get help. You can deny this shit all you want, but anyone with a brain can see there’s something wrong with you.

I hope and pray someday that this Jenna will come back to us.

To my followers, 

As of today, April 18th, 2014, I will no longer be updating this blog. My Open Letter is a means to an end. I will still remain an observer of Jenna, but I can no longer stand by and pretend I’m a fan of who she has become. It breaks my heart to do this, but I just can not continue.

I will turn on submissions if any of you wish to contribute to the blog, but as far as myself posting, there will be no more after this.

Thank you so much for being great followers and enjoying my little blog over the years. You are all greatly appreciated. I love you guys!


An Open Letter to Jenna Jameson 

I’ve been dwelling on this for weeks, now it is time that I express my thoughts.


I have been a fan of yours since 2002 when I was still just a young girl lost in a big, cruel world. A good friend of mine introduced me to you with just a handful of images and I was immediately smitten. At the age I was, it wasn’t legal for me to access your website or you for the most part, but that didn’t stop me. You became my new muse. You inspired me with your beauty to take my graphic design to new levels. In 2004, when you came out with your autobiography, it completely changed my life.

Your book is the only book I’ve read more than once (10 times, actually) and I’m an avid book worm. It got me through some of the hardest times in my life. It gave me hope that as rough as life can get, things can change and I can rise from the ashes of hopelessness and become a better me, the best me possible. Because of your book, interactions with you on ClubJenna, watching various interviews, reading articles about you, I felt like I knew you on a personal level. Sure, not everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors or when the cameras are off, but that didn’t matter.

You impressed me on many levels. You were so intelligent. You weren’t just some cum dumpster like most of the world assumed you were. You proved on numerous occasions that you had a brain and that you were a force to be reckoned with. You were extremely business savvy. You built an entire empire in a matter of years. Then something happened and you changed. I’ve heard rumors over the years of what those somethings might be. Jay was abusive. You guys didn’t see eye to eye anymore. You were trying to conceive children with him and miscarried when you discovered the tumor on your back and had it operated on. However much truth is in that, I don’t know and frankly I know it’s none of my damn business. I am not your family and have no right to be privy to the truth of the situation.

After you left Jay, it just seemed like your life was turning from a harmless snow ball going down a mountain side into a full fledged avalanche. When you started dating Tito, I honest to god wish I had known you on a personal level. There was red flags, neon signs, flashing lights everywhere for me. I knew he was trouble. I knew he was wrong for you. I knew he would ruin you and turn you into someone you’re not. He was in denial about your history, especially the fact that you are/were the biggest female porn star there ever was. He went on to say numerous times that you were retired from the industry and had been for years upon years. Which is extremely inaccurate, but I digress and will come back to that.

After Jay, you obviously were struggling with many, many issues. It showed. You were wasting away, you got your implants removed, you started getting needles stuck in your face. You weren’t you anymore. It hurt to see you turn into that. When you got pregnant with your boys, I saw the old Jenna I knew and loved start to return. You looked lively, healthy, HAPPY. I could tell that your boys were your greatest treasure. I’m a mother, too. I never wanted children, but when I got pregnant with my daughter and at the time I did (right after my mother passed), it changed my life. It gave me purpose. I saw that in you.

But not too long after they were born, once again I saw your life and you crumble. Tito became abusive. You were struggling with sobriety. There was lots of shit going on. Again, what happened is none of my business, but as a fan I was very concerned for you and your boys. When the relationship with you and Tito ended for good, I was thrilled. But that’s about where my happiness for you ended. Your downward spiral that the public saw happened right around that time. Which brings us to now and my next questions that I hope you can answer some day, maybe not directly, but in some manner.

Who are you?

What exactly happened to you, in your life, in the past 5 years or more that turned you into this person you are now? The Jenna I grew up with, the Jenna that changed and ultimately saved my life numerous times has been missing for quite a while now. I have no idea who this woman is in her place, but it isn’t her. You act like a selfish, concieted Hollywood socialite. You seem like you’ve lost quite a few IQ points. You are petty, childish even. Your Twitter and Instagram are filled with bitchy quotes and pictures of your ass. You’ve spent the vast majority of the past 6+ months getting tattoos. Why? Why aren’t you spending all this time getting your boys back? It almost seems like you don’t care about them anymore, but there’s no way that can be true.

You have been quoted as saying you’re retired, have been for over 10+ years. You’ve been saying this verbatim for about 5 years or more now. Girl, do your math. The last time you filmed a scene or did anything pornographic related was in 2005/2006. It’s 2014. It hasn’t even been 10 years NOW. You said that once you had your boys, you’d never do porn again. Going on cam sites, flashing your tits on 4chan and coming out with your own flesh light counts. Are you desperate? Or do you just not know what to do with yourself at this point in your life? Midlife crisis maybe?

Then there was the last elections where you supported Mitt Romney and were quoted as saying you were voting for him because he supports rich people and you’re rich or some imbecilic nonsense like that. Are you fucking serious? You used to be a die hard liberal, with a fucking brain. Who took on Bill O’Reilly first hand. When did you turn into Paris Hilton? Seriously, Jenna. Who are you and what have you done with the Jenna that we all knew, loved and could relate to?

Are you really who you say you are now or is this just a facade you hide behind because of all the hurt and pain you’ve been through in the past few years? Is this just an act, so that no one ever sees the real you, therefore can’t hurt you? It makes me sad. And please, I beg of you, do not see this as an attack. It isn’t. I may be nothing to you, but to me you were one of my heroes. You saved my life and I only hope to return the favor and do the same for you, because the person you present to the public anymore is just screaming for help.

I am not a hater. You can go right ahead and blast me, if that makes you feel better, by putting someone less than you down in a public manner. It won’t hurt me, because it’s not you. If it were the Jenna I knew, it would hurt, but she’s gone. Forever? I sure hope not. I hope that whatever demons you are battling in your life right now, that have turned you into this shell of your former self, do not succeed in taking you down. I hope you win the fight. I’d offer my assistance, but I doubt you’d take it. Please, just know that some of us fans will always be here if you need us. We aren’t just some pee-ons. We are your friends. Fans that have stuck by you through thick and thin, longer than any of your real “friends” have.

I end this letter with one final question for you to ponder, Jenna. I want you to think about this long and hard. What would your father think of who you’ve become and the choices you’re making now? Because if your past is any indication, I would think he would be disappointed and do anything he could to help you. I know it’s hard that he’s gone, but don’t let his absence be something that prevents you from being the best you you can be. I know Jenna Massoli is still in there.


Danielle, a lifelong fan

Happy 40th Birthday, Ms. Jameson! 

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Hope it is a happy one and filled with wonders!

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Jenna Jameson/Nikko Hurtado.
That’s a killer.

I can’t stand those tattoos. Yes, this is an amazing tattoo artist, BUT those tattoos are ugly. 


Jenna Jameson/Nikko Hurtado.

That’s a killer.

I can’t stand those tattoos. Yes, this is an amazing tattoo artist, BUT those tattoos are ugly. 

Can someone post jenna get fuck thanks 

Just a warning for the future. Any messages like this will be ignored from now on. I’m tired of repeating myself when I tell you guys I don’t have any images right now. If you choose to unfollow me, fine. I post pictures as I find them online.

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And here’s another one. 

Video here - >

Jenna has also been recently found on free cam sites. You can download this video here ->

HQs of some of the images posted on 4chan.

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